Golden Goddess LLC - Company Concepts / Mission Statement

At Golden Goddess our #1 mission is simple, it's helping salons succeed . Golden Goddess is not just a lotion line but an entire business concept to say the least. What Makes Golden Goddess different ?


Our Oath To Our Valued Customers


We promise you our lotions will NEVER be for sale on the INTERNET.

If it is found for sale on the INTERNET we will back track it and cut that salon off permanently.


We only sell to professional salons

This ensures a secure distribution to salons so no one devalues the product by price gouging


You will always pay what every other salon pays no discount games.

This ensures the lotion holds maximum resale value at all salons which will guarantee maximum profit potential.


We will keep salons costs low.

By not spending tons of money on advertising and distribution we can cut the cost to the salon by up to 60% compared to most major lotion manufactures.


We will keep our product line simple and easy to understand.

Less confusion for your sales staff means better understanding of the product and more sales. Also easier for the customer to make a decision and purchase. And reduces the amount you need to inventory as a salon.


We listen to the salons.

If there is a demand we will fill it simple as that !!!


All Lotions available in gallons.

More cost effective sampling, larger profit margins, more environmentally friendly .


We will provide product training as well as sales technique training for your staff.

This helps ensure your staff is knowledgable about the products to increase your customers satisfaction level and increase your sales volume.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Don't like a product return the unused portion for a refund or exchange minus shipping costs.